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This one is a little bit tricky. Landscape Designer is a position that we are never actively “Hiring For,” but we also are not NOT Hiring For, if that makes any sense.

We are always willing to wait until we find the Perfect Person for our team, that can best deliver to our customers the VERY HIGH standards that Covington’s Nursery is known for.

You have to be self-motivated and able to pursue leads on your own. Aside from having an artistic eye and a flare for how to design jaw-dropping landscape creations, you also have to have a substantial understanding of your plant materials, and the ability to express those ideas to our clients.
Whether on paper or on computer.

Some of our designers draw out their plans “old-school,” with colored pencils and a drawing board; some of our designers use computer software and digital pre-visualizations .

Many of our designers have degrees in something pertaining to this line of work, but just as many have worked their way up through the Covington’s ranks.

In addition to expertly-placed trees, shrubs, and flowers, you will need to know about irrigation systems, landscape lighting, drainage – the list goes on.

Covington’s takes great pride in boasting that we have the Best Designers and Best Installation Crews in the metroplex; and for a trained and experienced designer, this can be a Godsend. You have an entire 18 acre nursery of plant materials at your disposal, and access to an experienced crew that can turn the vision that you imagined for your client on paper, into a flawless Reality.