Designer Spotlight: Steve Malone

Posted on August, 19

Make Covington’s Nursery your Forever Home!

Are you a freelance landscape designer, looking to broaden your client base and expand your earning potential?

Maybe you are skilled and talented— and enjoy the independence and flexible schedule of freelance— but are tired of doing everything yourself?  Between self-promotion, equipment maintenance, sourcing plant materials, and managing your crew, does it seem like you barely have time to actually sit down and design landscapes anymore? Let Covington’s Nursery help. Maybe we can be your Forever Home!

Steve Malone joined Covington’s back in 1997, just as the term “Outdoor Living” was just starting to gain traction. Customers were beginning to demand much more from their residential landscapes than just simple front yard bed designs. Suburban expansion had suddenly opened up a world of possibilities for homeowners that were previously only enjoyed by the ultra-rich.  Private backyards could accommodate gazebos, patios, pergolas, pools with waterfalls, and even various pathways leading from one outdoor living area to the next. These landscape aspects all require a substantial amount of design work, and Steve recalls, “It was like all of a sudden people were wanting a park-like atmosphere, right in their own backyards!”

Steve and Covington’s Nursery helped usher in a new era of residential landscape design and installation for the Dallas metroplex, an era featuring complex and luxurious amenities that the previous generation of homeowners might have never dreamed possible.

Working with Covington’s Nursery, not only will you have 18 acres of quality plant material at your disposal, you will also have access to some of the most skilled and experienced installation crews that Dallas has to offer.

Because let’s be honest, Freelance Designers—have you ever held yourself back, in a design, because you were unsure whether or not your crew would really be able to properly execute what you were envisioning?

This is where Covington’s (and the reputation you’d expect from a nursery that has been in business for over 50 years) becomes a total game changer. Says Steve, “I can praise our installation crews as the absolute very best I have had the privilege of working with in my entire life, and that’s really saying something. I know that everything I design will be installed correctly, meticulously, and exactly as I imagined it for my clients.


“When a client has no doubt they’ll be staying somewhere quite a while, and we are talking about their Forever Home,” says Steve, “then the possibilities are endless, and the sky’s the limit on what we can achieve in their landscape.


“Covington’s Nursery is the same for me, it’s my Forever Home; it’s a place I’ve laid down my roots, and which now allows me to endlessly explore creative possibilities into the future.”

If you’d like to submit an application online, or just learn more about employment opportunities at Covington’s Nursery & Landscape, you can visit our Careers Page HERE.