Designer Spotlight: Cindy Huddleston

Posted on August, 19

Have you been working as a freelance landscape designer? Are you talented and experienced, but tired of doing everything yourself? Well, Covington’s would like you to consider how much easier life can be when you join forces with our well-established, family-owned business..

Cindy Huddleston, one of Covington’s beloved designers, admits, “Working as a freelance landscape designer, you quickly find that there are so many extraneous tasks and expenses that compete for your attention. It takes away from valuable time you could be spending with clients, actually designing and installing landscapes.

Financing and payroll, hiring and firing crew members, vehicle and equipment maintenance, locating quality wholesale plant material— Covington’s handles all of this for me. Plus, I get to work with some of the most skilled and experienced installation crews in the metroplex, as well as an 18-acre nursery of beautiful plant material at my disposal.

Also, designing for Covington’s, they have the built-in clientele and reputation you’d expect from a nursery that’s been in business for over 50 years, so I always have a constant stream of qualified client leads to pursue.

No more self-promotion, advertising costs, or cold-calling potential customers. I can spend more time doing what I love— which is imagining, designing, and installing the perfect landscape for my customers, and turning their dreams into reality.

If you are an experienced designer (or maybe even a recent college graduate), get in touch with our welcoming and diverse team of nursery professionals. Spend less time dealing with the hassles of doing everything yourself, and endlessly hunting down potential clients, and more time actually working with them. Covington’s can help pair you with homeowners who are ready and willing to put your creative design skills and installation expertise to use.

If you have the skills, we have the customers!

You can submit an application online, or just learn more about employment opportunities at Covington’s Nursery & Landscape, on our Careers Page HERE.