There are many different ways that you can join The Covington’s Retail Team.

From cashiers and loaders, to our knowledgeable group of expert Tree and Shrub Salespeople, the job best suited for you will depend on your existing level of knowledge and experience.

Even if you start out just helping customers load plants and mulch into their cars, here at Covington’s we are quick to recognize talent and ambition. If you demonstrate capability and an eagerness to learn, you may quickly find yourself moved to a different position that better capitalizes on your talents and skills.
Many of our tenured and most valued employees started out as loaders!

Whether you like it or not, when working at Covington’s, you will be constantly learning about plants, landscaping, and everything else in between. If you are loading plants into a customer’s car, and suddenly find yourself recommending to them that those pansies would look great paired with some ornamental kale, and that for continuous blooms they should also not foget to buy some Bloodmeal and Covington’s Flower Fertilizer to mix into the dirt while planting them, then chances are, it’s time for you to be moved to a sales position!

Many of the Team Leaders here at Covington’s have been working in this industry for decades, and they know how to spot the employees who have the desire and readiness to take their career in the Nursery Business to the next level.

However, maybe you have no intention of pursuing a career in the Nursery Business, all you are looking for is a Summer job to help pay for Gas Money; that is fine too! Just remember to wear comfortable shoes!

We are ALWAYS looking for Intelligent, Upbeat, Reliable people with Outgoing Personalities, who are Physically Active and don’t shy away from an honest day’s work.

If you don’t like being outside, sweating, and getting your hands dirty, then this probably isn’t the place for you. Maybe Nordstrom is hiring… hahaha…

Here at Covington’s, we are like one big family. We embrace people from all walks of life. The wonderful diversity of our employees allows us to better understand and serve our equally-diverse customers and community.

At the end of the day, what we are selling up here at Covington’s Nursery, is Beauty. Plain and simple. We are providing our customers with the tools, knowledge, and merchandise that they can use to Beautify and Enrich their lives and the time they spend outdoors.

It is very exciting and gratifying to help customers achieve their Landscaping Goals and Dreams, so if this sounds like something that you can get excited about, then perhaps you are ready to join the Covington’s Team!

Also, in Retail, we offer flexible schedules, to work around school or other prior commitments.