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Streptocarpus 'Cape Primrose'

Streptocarpus spp.

This item is currently Out of Stock in all sizes/configurations.
This item is currently Out of Stock in all sizes/configurations.

Cape Primroses, also known as Streptocarpus or Streps, have filled a niche as flowering houseplants for the home for many decades. Their velvety, long green leaves and floral sprays that rise above the foliage create a stunning plant for a windowsill garden.

Light Level

Streps are known for their ability to bloom in low light. They actually thrive under those conditions. Originally from South Africa, they are found in their native habitat growing on the forest floor; that’s why they have a tolerance to lower light and periods of dryness.

Grow in bright shade to partial sun near a window but not in direct southern sunlight (an east or north window is fine). Cape Primroses are also good candidates for a light garden where they will bloom for many months at a time. The leaves, when grown under low light, are deep green whereas when the light is too high, they will develop a yellowish-green coloration.


Streps tolerate drier soil conditions and as a rule it’s best to bring the potting mix to slight dryness and then thoroughly saturate the soil. A slight wilt does the plant no harm. Also, remember to water directly into the soil and do not get the leaves wet, especially with cold water. Cold water on the leaves will stain the leaves and make them unsightly.

  • 6" tall
  • Medium Light