Top 10 Shrubs for Shady Yards


Join host Ryan Covington and Maria Fisher at Covington’s Nursery as they explain which shrubs work best for shady yards.

This two-part episode pairs with ‘Top 10 Shrubs For Sunny Yards’, which can be viewed separately. In this SHADE episode, we will cover Endless Summer Hydrangeas, Yews, Acuba, Azalea, Japanese Aralia, Snowball Viburnum, Mahonia, Camellias, Giant Blue Liriopes, Ferns, Hostas, Coral Bells, and Cast Iron Plant.

Let’s Grow Together!

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In This Episode

  • CAMELLIA daydream

    CAMELLIA daydream



  • YEW emerald spreader

    YEW emerald spreader

  • VIBURNUM chinese snowball

  • MAHONIA leatherleaf

    MAHONIA leatherleaf

  • HYDRANGEA endless summer

    HYDRANGEA endless summer

  • FERN foxtail

    FERN foxtail

  • AZALEA bloom-a-thon hot pink

    AZALEA bloom-a-thon hot pink

  • ARALIA japanese fatsia

    ARALIA japanese fatsia

  • ASPIDISTRA cast iron

    ASPIDISTRA cast iron

  • LIRIOPE super blue

    LIRIOPE super blue


Let’s Grow Together

Let’s Grow Together

Let’s Grow Together