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Pecan Spray Schedule:

Dormant Season: Apply Hi-Yield Dormant Oil to prevent scale and phylloxera. Spray trunks and branches thoroughly.

Budbreak: Apply Hi-Yield Zinc Sulfate as a spray to prevent nutritional deficiencies (rosette). Spray buds and foliage directly as they begin to break open. Use Bonide Fruit Tree Spray after the Zinc Sulfate spray has dried to prevent pecan scab and webworms.

Pre-pollination (mid-April): When leaves are one-third grown and before pollen sheds, repeat the Zinc Sulfate spray for rosette and the Bonide Fruit Tree Spray one more time.

Pollination (early May): Apply Zinc Sulfate spray and Bonide Fruit Tree spray again, three to four weeks after the late budbreak sprays. The fruit tree spray will prevent pecan casebearers.

Mid-season (mid-late June): Six weeks after the last sprays, re-apply Bonide Fruit Tree Spray.

Water Stage (mid-late July): Apply Bonide Fruit Tree Spray or Fung-Onil to prevent pecan scab. More important in years with heavy rainfall.

Half-shell hardening (mid-late August): Apply Bonide Fruit Tree Spray for Hickory Shuckworm and late scab.

Peach, Plum, and General Fruit Spray Schedule:

Dormant Season: Apply Hi-Yield Dormant Oil when temperatures are between 40 and 70 degrees. Apply only once, if scale insects are observed.

Late Dormant: When buds swell but before they open, spray Bonide Fruit Tree Spray to prevent peach leaf curl.

Petal Drop: When flower petals begin to drop after pollination (5 days after full bloom), apply Bonide Fruit Tree Spray.

Shuck Split (2 weeks after bloom): Re-apply Bonide Fruit Tree spray.

Cover Sprays (1 month after bloom): Re-apply Bonide Fruit Tree spray, repeat at 2-week intervals if heavy insect concentrations are present.

Pre-Harvest (differs by individual variety): Apply Bonide Fruit Tree spray one more time 3 weeks before harvest. Apply ferti-lome Spinosad up to 3 days before harvest if insects are damaging near-harvest fruit.

Fall (Oct. 15th-Dec. 1): Apply Bonide Copper Fungicide once during this time to peaches to prevent peach leaf curl disease next spring.

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