Gardening Guide


Texas Gold Columbine

Aquilegia hinckleyana
A clump-forming perennial that is grown not only for its flowers but also for its fern-like foliage. Bell-shaped yellow flowers with long spurs bloom late spring to early summer. A dependable, colorful plant for shady spots in the landscape.

18" tall x 12" wide

Part shade to shade


Astilbe sp.
Excellent edging and foreground plant perfectly suited for shady perennial borders. Fluffy plumes are displayed above shiny, dark bronzy-green, lacy foliage. Thrives in moist conditions.

12-18" tall x 18-24" wide

Part shade to shade

Leopard Plant

Farfugium japonicum ‘Aureomaculatum’
Interesting perennial with rounded, shiny green leaves that are splashed with bright yellow markings. Yellow, daisy-like flowers on branched stems late summer into fall. Adds great texture to partly shaded areas of the landscape.

3-4' tall x 2-3' wide

Part shade to shade

Autumn Fern

Dryopteris erythrosora
Finely divided fronds up to 2 feet long are reddish when unfurling, later turning deep green. Erect, spreading evergreen fern that can be used as an accent, border or ground cover in the landscape. Drought tolerant and hardy variety.

12-15" tall x 24" wide

Part shade to shade

Foxtail Fern

Asparagus densiflorus ‘Myers’
Long, plume-like stems hold soft, needle-like leaves. A popular choice for containers but works equally well when planted in mass or used as an edging plant. Adds a nice texture to the garden.

2' tall x 3' wide

Part shade to shade

Holly Fern

Cyrtomium falcatum
An erect, durable fern with very showy fronds, having glossy holly-like leaves. This shade loving fern is perfect for mass planting or as an accent in shady areas. Really nice beneath trees and shrubs. Evergreen.

2-3' tall x 2-3' wide

Part shade to shade

Japanese Painted Fern

Athyrium niponicum ‘Pictum’
Colorful, shade-loving fern with dark blue-green fronds that are accented with silvery variegation. Non-aggressive, spreading habit. Great in woodland settings or in shady borders.

15-18" tall x 24-30" wide

Part shade to shade

Lace Fern

Microlepia strigosa
Robust tropical fern with stout creeping rhizomes and lacy, lustrous, olive green fronds. Adds a nice texture to the landscape. Useful in shady gardens and tropical settings.

1-2' tall x 2' wide

Part shade to shade

Southern Wood Fern

Thelypteris normalis
Produces light green upright fronds on an open fountain shaped plant. Slowly spreads by rhizomes to eventually form a nice cover. Great in naturalized or woodland settings or well-suited beneath large shade trees. Perennial.

3' tall x 3' wide

Part shade to shade

Coral Bells

Heuchera sp.
A welcome addition to any landscape, these shade-loving perennials are known for their foliage texture and colors. Small flowers on wiry stems in summer are an added bonus. Stunning in mass plantings. Evergreen in DFW.

12-18" tall x 12-18" wide

Part shade to shade