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A Tasty Selection Of Fruit Trees and Berries Has Arrived!

Posted on September, 12

Growing your own food has become more popular than ever, and we just got a large shipment of berries and fruit trees this week, with so many mouthwatering varieties to choose from! Fill your garden with peaches, pears, apples, raspberries, blueberries, and many more! Get ahead of the Fall rush, because you can plant year-round in North Texas.

We have the tips and tricks to help you get started. Read our Fruit, Nut, and Berry Guide for information on selecting, transplanting, and caring for fruit in North Texas.  See the Edibles Section of our Inventory for all of the fruit trees, berry bushes & grapes we have in stock.

Edible gardening is on the rise and we have everything you need to make it happen….you’ll just need to add sunshine and love!