Tracey’s Plant Pick of the Week – Coral Bark Japanese Maple

The leaves look like they’re positively glowing on Tracey’s Plant Pick of the Week, the Coral Bark Japanese Maple. In spring, this stunning variety sprouts gorgeous, vibrant lime-green leaves that slowly turn to shades of yellow and gold in the fall. The reddish-coral bark stays the same color all year, offering great visual interest in winter.

As with all Japanese Maples here in Texas, they need morning sun & afternoon shade and like slightly acidic, well-drained soil. These beautiful trees are prized for their foliage, size and shape, making great specimen and under-carriage pieces. The Coral Bark is no exception, only reaching 15’ to 20’ tall and wide, giving a stellar Fall display, and drawing your eye year-round with color. See these stunners in person, or check our online inventory for prices, sizes, and quantities.