Tommy’s Plant Pick of the Week – Shaina Japanese Maple

These darling little Shaina Japanese Maples, Tommy’s Plant Pick of the Week, are showing off their spectacular autumn color. The Shaina is a burgundy/maroon dwarf Japanese Maple that turns to rich shades of cherry red in the fall. It has a more compact form, with leaves that cluster on short branches, displaying a bushy, tufted habit. It will slowly reach a maturity height of 6’ to 8’ (Tommy’s neck of the woods), and width of 8’. These showy trees are wonderful accents, but also can be planted close together for a gorgeous, dense hedge. Since they’re small, they can even be planted in a large pot or made into an espalier. As with all Japanese Maples here in North Texas, morning sun/afternoon shade is best. These are perfect under-story trees! See these cuties in person before their leaves fall for winter, or check our online inventory here for sizes, quantities, and prices.