Texas Arbor Day

The official State of Texas Arbor Day is Friday, Nov. 3, 2017….a great day to celebrate trees and all the ways they enrich our lives. Besides beautifying our landscapes and enhancing the look of our homes and other buildings, trees provide many benefits for us every day:
• Cleaner air which creates a healthier atmosphere
• Money savings on energy bills by shading our homes and providing wind breaks
• Privacy screening which makes for a happier environment
• Food in the way of fruits and nuts
• Food and shelter for birds and other wildlife
• Recreation – tree climbing and swinging

Plant a tree in honor of a loved one or with your children, and you’re likely to seed a fond memory that will grow through time as the tree matures. Planting a tree is a gift to yourself, your family, and to generations to come who will enjoy its beautiful flowers, delicious fruit, summertime shade, colorful fall leaves, evergreen foliage, and/or attractive winter silhouette.

Texas Arbor Day could not come at a better time either since Fall is the best time to plant most trees in North Texas! Come see us and let us assist you in selecting the perfect tree for your space.