Deborah’s Plant Pick of the Week – New Guinea Impatiens

If you want to add luminous color to your shady patio or garden, you will LOVE these New Guinea Impatiens, Deborah’s Plant Pick of the Week. These stunning annuals thrive in shaded areas that receive morning sun, like east-facing gardens, patios, underneath trees, etc. People love them for their bright colors ranging from pinks and purples to oranges and reds. They can get up to 2′ tall and wide and mound beautifully, depending on the variety. You can plant them close together to form a gorgeous covering of color in your garden. Once planted, this beauty will last until mid-fall! They’re easy to care for as long as they have the right light and regular watering, especially during the hot months.
We have many to choose from, so you can brighten up your shady gardens!