Sly’s Plant Pick of the Week – Joan Lionetti Live Oak

If you’re looking for a shade-tree that doesn’t grow too big, keeps its leaves year-round, and can tolerate our alkaline soil like a champ, look no further than the Joan Lionetti Live Oak, Sly’s Plant Pick of the Week! Live Oak Trees are an icon of older North Texas neighborhoods, and this little beauty will top out at 30 feet tall and wide, with a denser upward-reaching canopy, making it perfect for smaller yards and urban settings. Our hot, dry summers and high pH soil are no match for the Joan Lionetti, and once established, it will only need occasional watering (more in extreme heat). There’s no reason NOT to put one of these tough-as-nails trees in your yard, and enjoy the shade for years to come! Check our online inventory here for sizes and prices!