Sammy’s Plant of the Week – Bright Star Yucca

Sammy isn’t the only shining star at the nursery! The sunny green and yellow leaves of the Bright Star Yucca make it his plant pick of the week. Growing to a maximum size of 2 feet tall and 5 feet wide, this low-maintenance yucca is perfect for xeriscapes, gardens, containers, and more!

Yuccas thrive in full sun, and once established, you will only need to water the Bright Star occasionally (more so for those planted in containers, or in cases of extreme heat). It will eventually grow a small trunk, resembling a miniature palm tree, and blooms beautiful bell-shaped white flowers on a tall stalk.

Let Sammy show you this stunning plant, or check our online inventory and make the Bright Star Yucca the newest water-wise addition to your garden or landscape.