Salma’s Plant Pick of the Week – Gerber Daisies

Are you ready for some saturated color in your life? Salma is, and that’s why Gerber Daisies are her Plant Pick of the Week. These show-stoppers, with their perfectly shaped petals and iconic daisy silhouette, are an easy choice when flower-shopping. There are many varieties, but most reach about a foot tall, with those huge, gorgeous blooms showing just above emerald green foliage. These versatile little beauties can be grown indoors in a sunny spot, and when planted outside, can take full sun this time of year. They will need afternoon shade as it warms up. Gerber Daisies can be annual or perennial depending on your zone, but we treat them as annuals here in North Texas. But you never know, you might see them again after a mild winter. Even as an annual, their profuse blooms and bright jewel-tone colors make them a flower you’ll want to come back to year after year! Come see them in person; you can’t miss em!