Ryan’s Plant Pick of the Week – Jazz Hands Loropetalum

Who’s feeling festive?? Ryan and these Jazz Hands Loropetalums sure are!! These colorful evergreen shrubs are a fun addition to any landscape. New foliage emerges in shades of white and pink, and matures to the rich purple loropetalums are known for. Delicate pink fringe flowers bloom in spring, putting on a flashy show your neighbors can’t help but stare at. These loropetalums can reach up to 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide, and are at their jazziest in NTX in morning sun/afternoon shade and well-draining soil. Mix them in with regular loropetalums and emerald green plants like liriope, Japanese Aralias, and yews for a gorgeous contrast of color and texture. Use your own snazzy Jazz Hands to check our online inventory here, or see them in person in our Tree & Shrub area (spirit fingers encouraged)!