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Prepare Your Plants for the Cold!

Posted on December, 17

Temperatures will be dropping drastically this week, so now is a great time to start prepping so your plants will be ready for the cold!
*Apply a layer of mulch to all flowerbeds and landscape plantings, so you have at least 2 inches of mulch on the soil.
*Water – Unless your yard is already wet, thoroughly water all of your plantings (lawn, landscape plantings, flowerbeds, trees, containers). Water early enough in the day so leaves dry by nightfall or whenever the real cold starts blowing in.
*Cover any tender plants (agaves, cactus, palm trees, Indian Hawthorns, tender perennials, etc) with Frost Cloth. This is a more effective material than burlap or blankets, and don’t ever use plastic. Make sure the cloth is properly closed up and secured. If in doubt about a plant’s cold hardiness, go ahead and cover it! We have a good supply of Frost Cloth in stock, and it’s reusable.
A 10′ x 12′ package is $34.99
Bulk is $2.99 per foot (width is 12′)
Buy packages online here:
*Potted plants are less tolerant of the cold since their root systems are less insulated. Move them indoors or to a sheltered area if possible. If not, cover tender plants with Frost Cloth.
*Detach water hoses from faucets and make sure outdoor faucets are firmly turned off and covered. Turn your sprinkler system off if it’s still on automatic.
*Stay tuned to local news stations for weather updates throughout the winter months so you can follow these steps whenever needed.
Please call us at (972) 475-5888 and press 2 for the Garden Center if you have any questions.