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Plant of The Week: Gerbera Daisy

Posted on June, 09

Are you ready for some vibrant color in your life? Nancy is, and that’s why Gerber Daisies are her Plant Pick of the Week. These show-stoppers have perfectly shaped petals and an iconic daisy appearance, making them an easy choice. There are several varieties, but most reach about a foot tall, with large, dramatic blooms springing above rich green foliage.
Be sure to plant them in the morning sun in well-draining soil because they can’t handle boggy conditions or our summer heat.
Gerber Daisies are an annual here in North Texas, but this flower is deserving of planting year after year, with its striking blooms and bright jewel-tone colors; and you never know—  after a mild winter, you just might see them pop up again, all on their very own!

Come see them in person, and you can’t help but be drawn in by their classic charm.