Oscar’s Plant Pick of the Week – Shantung Maple

Oscar is loving the yellow, orange, and red fall color on the Shantung Maples! These trees will remind you of large-leaf Japanese maples, however, unlike Japanese maples, Shantungs can live in full sun. They are relatively fast growing trees that are cold, heat, and drought tolerant once established, and they do well in our alkaline soils.

Shantungs are lovely medium-size (35’ T x 25’ W) shade trees with a rounded growth habit, and their smaller size make them ideal for typical urban/suburban yards. The Shantung maple was designated a Texas Superstar tree by Texas A&M University several years ago due to their adaptability and easy care.

Note: Installing trees now, while the temperatures are cool, minimizes planting stress and enables trees to get well rooted before the summer heat returns. Go to the Trees Section of our Inventory to see sizes and prices and let us know if you are interested in tree delivery and planting services.