Incorporating Ornamental Grasses Into Your Landscape

If you’re looking to add movement and texture to your landscape or garden, ornamental grasses are a great and low-maintenance option! Whether you want to add height or volume, or create a border around your flower bed, there are lots of sizes and colors to choose from for your sun or shade area.

Sun-loving grasses:
For a pop of vibrant color, plant Pink Muhly, whose green wispy blades grow fluffy pink plumes that look like cotton candy! It will  grow up to 3’ tall and 3’ wide. For a richer look, plant First Knight fountain grass: its deep purple foliage will reach 4 to 5 feet tall.

Different textures add just as much dimension and visual interest as color. Mexican Feather Grass has super-thin, hair-like blades that dance in the wind, and add an airy, delicate, texture to your landscape. It can grow up to 3’ tall and wide and is great for mass plantings.  The fluffy plumes of the golden feathers atop Dwarf Hameln soften up any area, and if you have a large space to fill, Pampas Grass commands attention with its 6′ by 6′ size and stunning white plumes.

Shade-loving grasses:
You can easily brighten up a shady bed with Everillo Carex, whose lime green foliage grows 1’ high by 2’ wide. The wiry, blue-grey blades of Blue Fescue add color and texture, and Mondo or dwarf mondo grass is perfect for deep shade.

Covington’s has these and many more varieties of ornamental grasses to choose from.  Check our online inventory here, or come by and let our experts help you pick the ones that are just right for your landscape!




Pink Muhly 

Mexican Feather Grass

Blue Fescue