Nick’s Plant Pick of the Week – Rosemary Cones & Spirals

It’s not just because they resemble a football that Nick loves these Rosemary Cones and Spirals (but it doesn’t hurt). Their compact size and aromatic, green, needle-like leaves make them a quintessential holiday decoration. They are great container plants, and make an excellent “thriller,” the tall plant that you place in the center of a large pot. Surround them with pansies, viola, ornamental cabbage, cyclamen, alyssum, snapdragons etc. for a truly stunning cool-season color bowl. They can also be decorated like tiny Christmas trees, and make great gifts!

This native Mediterranean evergreen loves the sun and heat of Texas and can generally withstand our winter weather (to be safe, cover or bring inside if temps approach 20 degrees). Rosemary prefers being on the dryer side, so wet the soil only, and be careful not to over-water.

Come see (and smell) the  1-gallons, 2-gallons, 3-gallons & 5-gallons we have in stock!