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New Arrivals – Week of May 13th

May, 15

Come explore our huge selection of trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, vines, grasses, and more! Here’s a selection of some of the things that are new or expected in the coming week. Please note that plant availability can change between the time they're ordered and when they get delivered to us, so on some occasions, plants listed below may not be in stock.      

  • Shumard Red Oak
  • Yaupon Holly
  • Merlot Redbud
  • Oklahoma Redbud
  • Kanjiro Camellia
  • Yew (Several Varieties)
  • August Beauty Gardenia
  • Sunshine Ligustrum
  • Ruby Loropetalum
  • Jazz Hands Loropetalum
  • Purple Diamond Loropetalum
  • Hawthorn
  • Juliet Cleyera
  • Limelight Hydrangea
  • Little Lime Hydrangea
  • Hortfire Hydrangea
  • Peggy Martin Rose
  • Iceberg Rose
  • All American Rose
  • Oklahoma Rose
  • Red Drift
  • White Drift Rose
  • Top Gun Rose
  • Coral Knock Out
  • Peachy Knock Out
  • White Knock Out
  • Petite Knockout
  • Holly (Several Varieties)
  • Double Red Knock Out Rose
  • Grace N’ Grit Roses (Several Varieties)
  • Pink Muhly
  • Emerald Goddess Liriope
  • Dwarf Wheelers Pittosporum
  • Variegated Pittosporum
  • Cream Da Mint Pittosporum
  • Japanese Maples (Several Varieties)
  • Peony (Several Varieties)
  • Gold Spot Aucuba
  • Azalea (Several Varieties)
  • Orange Rocket Barberry
  • Golden Jackpot Barberry
  • Tangelo Barberry
  • Emerald N’ Gold Euonymus
  • Baby Gem Boxwood
  • Spider Web Aralia
  • Oak Leaf Holly
  • Cedar (Several Varieties)
  • Smoke Tree
  • Viburnum (Several Varieties)
  • Champagne Hypericum
  • Pinot Hypericum
  • Chardonnay Hypericum
  • Cast Iron Plant
  • Cotoneaster
  • Glow Bright Star Yucca
  • Kaleidoscope Abelia
  • Magic Daydream Abelia
  • Vitex
  • Chocolate Mimosa
  • Black Bamboo
  • Wax Leaf Privet
  • Cherry Laurel
  • Texas Mountain Laurel
  • Italian Cypress
  • Twilight Crape Myrtle
  • Texas sage
  • Little Prince Banana
  • Blue Pugster Butterfly Bush
  • Periwinkle Pugster Butterfly Bush
  • River Birch
  • Soft Caress Mahonia
  • Radiance Abelia
  • Maiden Grass
  • Desperado Texas Sage
  • Firepower Nandina
  • Gulf Stream Nandina
  • Obsession Nandina
  • Red Tip Photinia
  • Junipers (Several Varieties)
  • Oleander (Several Varieties)
  • Seedless Grapes
  • Lomandra
  • Cleveland Select Pear



Vines – Texas Purple Wisteria, Star Jasmine, Giant Red Mandevilla, Passion Vine,

Perennials – Autumn Fern, Beebalm, Tuscan Blue Rosemary, Salvia Hot Lips, Santolina, Foxtail Fern, Holly Fern, Variegated Flax Lily, Lavender, Shasta Daisy, Umbrella Plant, Milk Weed, Agastache, Artemisia, Aster, Texas Primrose, Canna Lily (Several Varieties), Coreopsis (Several Varieties), Cone Flower, Gaura, Heuchera, Luna Hibiscus, Hosta, Penstemon, Phlox, Rosemary, Rudbeckia, Ruellia, Deep Blue salvia, Henry Duelberg Salvia, Sallyfun Salvia, Furman’s Red Salvia, Red Salvia, Black & Blue Salvia, Mystic Spires salvia, Roman Red Salvia, Amistad Salvia, mirage Salvia, Butterfly Blue Scabiosa, Skullcap, Lambs Ear, Society Garlic, Zexmenia, Columbine, Yarrow, Datura, Pineapple Lily, Blackfoot Daisy, Dianthus, Shaggy Shield fern, Holly Fern,

Annuals – Boston Fern, Whopper Begonia, Calla Lily, Cleome, Bat Face Cuphea, Plumbago, Variegated Ginger, Megawatt Begonia, Wizard Coleus, Dichondra, Purple Las Vegas, Scaevola, Gomphrena, Splash Plant, Lucky Star Pinta (Several Varieties), Happy Hour Portulaca (Several varieties), Cascading Cora Vinca, Profusion Zinnia, Alyssum, Dragon Wing Begonia, White Manaus Euphorbia, Purslane, Scaevola (Several Varieties), Torenia, Soiree Kawaii, Joseph’s Coat, Caladium, Celosia, Impatiens, Lantana, Sweet Potato Vine, Sunpatiens, Tropical Hibiscus, Cordyline, Marigold, Angelonia, Tuberous Begonia, Fuchsia,

Ground Covers – Asian Jasmine, Creeping Jenny, Ajuga, Purple Heart, California Ivy, Glacier Ivy, Needlepoint Ivy, Pennywart, Little Star Creeper, Super Star Creeper, New Century Veronica, Turkish Veronica,

Herbs – Lemon Grass, Elphin Thyme, White Creeping Thyme,

Succulents – Mojave Jewels Ruby Sedum, Delosperma Cooperii, Lemon Ball Sedum, Blue Spruce Sedum, Angelonia Sedum, Ogon Sedum, John Creech Sedum, Baby Tears Sedum, Mossy Sedum,

Gorgeous selection of seasonal Color Bowls, Hanging Baskets and Succulent Bowls!

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