New Arrivals

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New Arrivals – Week of August 13th

August, 14

We've got North Texas' best selection of trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, vines, grasses, and more! Here’s a selection of some of the things that are new or expected in the coming week. Please note that plant availability can change between the time they're ordered and when they get delivered to us, so on some occasions, plants listed below may not be in stock.      

  • Tiny Tank Cast Iron Plant
  • Rose Creek Abelia
  • Bloom-a-thon & Encore Azaleas
  • Barberry (several varieties)
  • Butterfly Bush (several varieties)
  • Redbuds (several varieties)
  • Baby Jade Boxwood
  • Green Cloud Texas Sage
  • Dwarf Burning Bush
  • Altheas (several varieties)
  • Tangerine Beauty Crossvine
  • Camellia (several varieties)
  • Loquat
  • Creeping Fig
  • Carolina Jessamine
  • Endless Summer Hydrangea (several varieties)
  • Limelight Hydrangea Patio Tree
  • Crape Myrtles (several varieties)
  • Honeysuckle (Hall’s & Purple Leaf)
  • Mahonia (Indigo Flair & Marvel)
  • Wisteria (Evergreen & Amethyst Falls)
  • Indian Hawthorn (several varieties)
  • Snow-N-Summer Asian Jasmine
  • Madison Hardy Star Jasmine
  • Delta Blues Vitex
  • Double Knockout Rose
  • Evercolor Carex (Everest & Eversheen)
  • Blue Dart Juncus
  • Breeze Lomandra
  • Hardy Hibiscus (several varieties)
  • Blue Point Juniper (Regular & Spiral)
  • Champanel Grapes
  • Muscadine Grapes (several varieties)
  • Victoria Red Grapes
  • Little Gem Magnolia Espalier
  • Purple Pillar Althea
  • Hydrangeas (Limelight & Little Lime)
  • Sago Palm
  • Candy Corn Spirea
  • Hollies (Scarlett’s Peak & Liberty)
  • Falling Waters Bald Cypress
  • Grasses (Hameln, Little Bunny & Standing Ovation)
  • Asparagus Fern


Annuals – Impatiens, Marigolds, Portulaca, Vinca, Coleus, Citronella, Lantana, Purslane, Crotons (several varieties), Ornamental Peppers, Esperanza, Lime Sizzler Fire Bush, Cigar Plant, Variegated Flax Lily, Silver Falls Dichondra

Perennials – Rudbeckia, Mexican Petunia, Society Garlic, Blackfoot Daisies, Salvias and Sages (many varieties), Coneflower, Russian Sage, Rock Rose, Wooly Stemodia, Elephant Ears

Edibles – Garlic Chives, Fernleaf Dill, Fennel, Oregano, Butternut Squash

Sedums and Succulents – Aloe Vera, Sedum (several varieties), Dew Plant, Ice Plant, Blue Wave Agave, Hedhhog Aloe, Mangaves (Inkblot & Redwing), Spineless Prickly Pear, Echeveria (Miranda & Black Prince)

Houseplants – Assorted Cactus, Peace Lily, Juniper Bonsai, Monstera Deliciosa, Assorted Pilea, Assorted Sansevieria, Ponytail Palm, Madagascar Palm, African Violets, Cereus Monstrose, Assorted Calatheas, Assorted Bird’s Nest Ferns, Assorted Philodendrons, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Neanthe Bella Palm, Mass Cane, Arbicola Green Braid

Gorgeous Selection of Hanging Baskets, Color Bowls, Succulent Bowls, and more!

Go to our Inventory List for all of the trees, shrubs, vines, and ornamental grasses we have in stock. List includes sizes, prices and new arrivals for your convenience. See our Gardening Tips & Articles and In Bloom Blog for helpful planting tips and check us out on Facebook to stay up to date.