Lucy’s Plant Pick of the Week – Traveller’s Weeping Redbud

Nothing signals that Spring is knocking on the door like a Redbud, and few things are as delightfully odd as this Travellers Weeping Redbud, which is why it’s Lucy’s Plant Pick of the Week. Redbuds are loved the world over for their triple-whammy of a show. First they sprout deep reddish purple buds, which then turn into fluffy pink blossoms, and finally they produce heart-shaped leaves in colors ranging from gold to green to burgundy. There are upright varieties in shades of green, like the Oklahoma or Mexican, and purple, like the Merlot or Burgundy Hearts. There’s even a multi-colored: The Rising Sun. New growth emerges deep apricot, and turns shades of gold and orange before maturing to a vibrant lime green. All of those colors are present at the same time and it’s a show piece!

Weeping varieties include Ruby falls, which is burgundy, and this Travellers, which will drape over with emerald green leaves. The weepers are interesting because when they lose leaves for the winter, you’re left with a very peculiar, yet gorgeous “skeleton.” All redbuds make wonderful specimen trees, but the Travellers is particularly suited because it will only reach 8 to 10 feet tall. You can still see the spectacle in person, or check our online inventory here for sizes, quantities, and prices. You can order and make payment over the phone, for pick-up or delivery. 972-475-5888 Ext. 2.