Look for us on HGTV!

After years of talking about it, we finally pulled the trigger and have launched our first-ever television ad campaign! We decided to partner with HGTV, not only because it is one of our personal favorite channels to watch, but also because we feel it is a perfect way to reach new customers who already have home improvement and home beautification on their minds.

We are very proud of our little 30 second spot, as it showcases some great overhead shots of the nursery, and some really fun footage of Joe Covington and his dog, Dixie. Also, fun fact, the narrator is our very own Ryan Covington!

Already we have had so many customers coming in to tell us, “I think I just saw you guys on HGTV!”  Why yes, yes you did indeed! It’s all very exciting.

Our commercial will air multiple times a day, everyday, throughout this entire 2019 Spring season.
If you watch HGTV, hopefully you will happen upon it, but if you just can’t wait – fear not! You can view our little ad right here, right now, by just CLICKING HERE.