Joe’s Plant of the Week – Japanese Maples

If you know Joe Covington, you know he’s crazy about Japanese Maples and he thinks they are the most vibrant and colorful small trees on the planet! The secret to growing them in the DFW area is to plant them where they have shade in the afternoon to protect them from our hot summer sun. Water them regularly and deeply as needed so they can establish extensive root growth, then mulch them well.

There are weeping and upright varieties to give you completely different looks in your landscape, and leaf textures ranging from the delicate finely cut “laceleaf” type to the classic maple-shape that everyone loves. Best of all, the foliage colors are amazing. You can choose from the deepest crimson to the brightest chartreuse greens, and everything in between.

Check our Inventory to see what varieties we have in stock (search keyword “Japanese Maples” ), then come to pick out your new Japanese Maple today while selection is best so you can enjoy the spectacular spring color!