Adam’s Plant of the Week–Rhapsody in Pink Crape Myrtle

It wasn’t hard for Adam to pick a favorite plant this week because Rhapsody in Pink is blooming like crazy!  This crape myrtle is one of the first to start blooming at the beginning of the season and it will continue to bloom until the first frost.

Rhapsody in Pink offers a distinctive appearance with its pretty pink flowers against foliage that starts out a dramatic purple color and ages to dark wine-green. This variety of crape myrtle grows to about 12 feet tall and 10 feet wide with an upright growth habit, and it’s sun loving, mildew resistant, and very drought and cold tolerant.

Like Double Feature and Double Dynamite, Rhapsody in Pink is one of the Play It Again series of crape myrtles that produces continuous blooms with an amazing 100+ days of uninterrupted flowering!   It’s time to get some of these crape myrtles planted in your landscape so you can enjoy the show!

DOUBLE FEATURE                                               DOUBLE DYNAMITE

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