Jesse’s Plant of The Week – Cast Iron Plant

Jesse is pumped over the Cast Iron Plant! This evergreen shade lover is a great addition to your landscape, with it’s beautiful broad leaves that are green or speckled depending on variety. If you prefer speckled leaves, Milky Way is the variety for you. Which ever you choose, you can’t go wrong with this outstanding plant.

This is one tough plant, and that’s why the name (Cast Iron) fits so well — it can handle harsh conditions. It grows 24-30″ tall, with an equal spread, unless you choose the Tiny Tank or Milky Way variety, that only gets 18-24″ tall, with an equal spread. Cast Iron are a great plant to add to your landscape, and pair well with other shade lovers such as Hosta, Heuchera, and Brunnera. See them in person in our Tree & Shrub area, or shop for them in our Online Marketplace here.