Jason’s Plant Pick of the Week – Corinthian Flowering Peach Tree

Talk about a specimen tree! These Corinthian Flowering Peach trees are show-stoppers, and that’s why they’re Jason’s Plant Pick of the Week. These trees are absolutely drenched with pink or white ruffly blooms in early spring, adding that wow-factor that will make your neighbors drive by more slowly. This particular variety of flowering peach maintains an upright, columnar canopy, and will mature at about 20′ to 25′ tall. It works in tight spaces, or can stand alone as a stately tower of color. After blooming, the leaves emerge a beautiful reddish-green, and will last until they drop for winter. Water regularly, and more so in summer, and make sure it has good drainage. You have got to see these beauties in person, and all of the other spring bloomers that have just started to blossom. Check our inventory here for prices, sizes, and quantities.