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Invite Hummingbirds Into Your Landscape!

Posted on April, 04

If you want to attract hummingbirds into your yard, there are so many beautiful perennials and annuals that will bring this fascinating bird into your landscape.
A few perennials at the top of the list are Canna Lily, Hardy Hibiscus, Butterfly Bush, Lantana, Trumpet Vine, and Salvia (of any type).  Whichever perennials you choose, they are all stunning choices that will add lots of interest to your landscape year after year.
Annuals are also a great way to invite this special little bird to your yard as well, just keep in mind that you will have to replant these each year because they are only seasonal plants.  A few great annual options are Pentas, Plumbago, Cigar Plant, Petunia, and Mandevilla.  These, along with many other options, can add a lot of color to your outside oasis, and you can plant them in the ground, pots, hanging baskets, and all around your yard for an array of stunning beauty.

Come and visit us at Covington’s Nursery to pick out your hummingbird attractors, so you can get started enjoying magnificent colors in your landscape, while watching all of your new tiny feathered friends.

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