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I Have Lots of Shade, What Can I Plant?

Posted on March, 08

There’s just something so tranquil about shade gardens.
But one of the most common questions we get asked is, what can I plant in the shade? Everything I see is green with no appeal!

We offer an extensive selection of shade plants to design a stunning display in your landscape that you will adore!
When creating your Shade Garden, you can use a variety of Japanese Maples, shrubs, ferns, groundcovers, and perennials. Plus, you can add seasonal flowers and plants throughout the year for pops of color and even more interest!

Stop by and let one of our experts show you our vast selection!
Below are a several examples.

Japanese Maples

Variegated Flax Lily


Coral Bells

Snow -N- Summer Asiatic Jasmine

 Cream De Mint Pittosporum


Golden Moneywort

Splash Plant (Annual)

Spider’s Web Aralia


Dichondra Silver Falls


Cast Iron Plant

Impatiens (Annual)



Soft Caress Mahonia

Foxtail Fern

Autumn Fern

Shade Begonia (Annual)