Greg’s Plant Pick of the Week – Desperado Sage

Greg’s knee isn’t the only thing that can tell the weather is going to change, which is why Desperado Texas Sage is his pick for Plant of the Week. While Texas Sage does tend to bloom a few days after the rain, it can also begin blooming when conditions are merely optimal for rain to occur, which means it may also bloom before the rain. High humidity and sudden deluges of water into previously dry soil can also push the blooms. You may have noticed your Texas Sage has shown much more purple this year, and you can thank the heavy rains and high humidity we’ve experienced for that showy display!
The Desperado variety boasts the classic silvery-grey leaves and purple flowers Texas Sage is known for, but stays more compact than its larger cousin, topping out at 5’ tall and 5’ wide. Once established it needs very little water and looks beautiful in xeriscapes or more traditional landscapes. Desperado attracts pollinators, is deer-resistant and tolerates heavier and alkaline soils, making it a perfect choice for North Texas. Let Greg show you this and other varieties of Texas Sage, or check out our online inventory for sizes, quantities, and prices.