Greg & Ringo’s Plant Pick of the Week – Poinsettias

Ringo is keeping his eye on those curious Poinsettias, his and Greg’s Plant Pick of the Week. Few things are as synonymous with the Holiday season as gorgeous velvety Poinsettias. Their bracts come in shades ranging from antique white to deep crimson red, with several speckled and marbled varieties, making them the perfect accent to or centerpiece of your holiday décor. These members of the Euphorbia family are native to Mexico and were first brought to the US by Dr. Joel Poinsett in 1828. The common misconception is that they’re poisonous, likely because of their name, but, while they can be mildly irritating if ingested, they are NOT fatal or even toxic to humans or animals. But, ever the cautious canine, Ringo still recommends you don’t eat them! Visit our gift shop to see these superb specimens in person, and say hi to the goodest of boys while you’re here!