Gorgeous Spring Flowers are Here!

It’s time to brighten up your landscape beds, porches and patios with gorgeous spring flowers! For instant pops of color, pick up some pre-made flowering container gardens and hanging baskets, or choose some of our gorgeous pottery and create your own blooming masterpieces.  Be sure to feed your flowers with Covington’s Flower & Garden Fertilizer when you plant them, then top dress with a two inch layer of mulch to give them a finished look and to help retain water.

We’ve brought in a wonderful assortment of flowers for both sunny and shady areas, and we’re growing more beautiful spring flowers and colorful foliage plants right here at Covington’s.   Many of our homegrown flowers are available now including pentas, lantana, petunias, impatiens, begonias, alyssum, marigolds and snapdragons, and many more varieties will be ready very soon.  See our Spring/Summer 2019 Bedding Plant Guide for all of the top-performing annuals, perennials, and ornamental grasses we are growing so you’ll have the prettiest, most colorful landscape ever!