Frankie’s Plant Pick of the Week – Grapevines

Frankie is a versatile guy, and can be found all over the nursery doing all kinds of jobs. That’s why the oh-so-versatile grape is his Plant Pick of the Week! Everyone loves grape jelly, and wine has been intertwined with our culture for millenia, but grapes can be used in so many other mouth-watering ways, which is great because you’ll have a lot! Freeze them or add to a fruit salad for a cold treat, or grill them on a kabob. You can make salsas, vinegars and relishes, or even pickle them. And they always go great in a chicken salad. The color and taste of different grape varietals runs the spectrum, and there’s something for everyone, from tart and crisp (Like Carlos Muscadine), to sweet and juicy (like Concord or Mars). Growing them is pretty easy. Just make sure they have a support trellis, and keep them watered consistently. Pruning during dormancy is vital to getting a flavorful and bountiful harvest the next season. There are ample tutorials online for different varieties. Check our grapevine inventory here and who knows? In a few years you could be North Texas’ hottest new micro-winery!