The Amazing Encore Azalea!

The Encore Azaleas are stealing the spotlight! Created in the 1980s, Encores are traditional spring-blooming azaleas crossed with Taiwanese summer-blooming azaleas, so that you can enjoy vibrant colors all spring, summer, fall, and sometimes even into our mild winters here in NTX.  Azaleas can thrive here, but they need a little help. They love acidic soil, lots of water, and excellent drainage, so if you’re planting them in the ground, use Soil Builder. It adds nutrients and acidity, and the expanded shale promotes good drainage. For containers, use Azalea Mix, and you’ll have the happiest flowers on the block! As with many plants here in Texas, Azaleas do best in morning sun/afternoon shade. Give them the proper care, and you’ll have fantastic color for the majority of the year. Even when they stop blooming for winter, they’re evergreen, so you’ll have visual interest year-round. Plus you can now shop  online!

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