Easy to Grow Texas A&M Peaches & Nectarines

We have several newer peach and nectarine varieties that were developed by Texas A&M specifically for Texas gardens. In addition to being tasty, good looking and self-fertile, these varieties have many other fine qualities that are important to backyard growers:

• Need less cold winter weather to make them set fruit
• Ripen early so they develop less rot & need less fungicide
• Have good shelf life
• Are self-pollinating so you only need one tree

Plant these fruit trees now in well-drained soil, then water moderately and you should be enjoying your first crop next year. Come in for “Texas A&M” fruit trees and/or any of the “tried and true” varieties we have in stock…. and get growing!  For details about our fruit trees and helpful growing tips, read our Fruit, Nut, and Berry Guide.