Don’t Put Your Plants In Clay Jail!

Hello Everyone, meet Rootfus! 

Rootfus is the perfectly happy rootball of a container-grown plant, that was bought at Covington’s Nursery.  Or at least, he WAS happy, until someone took him home and plopped him right into the hard clay soil of their yard, without any soil amendments to help break up that terrible Texas clay!
Now Rootfus is essentially trapped in an alkaline clay prison, with no nutrients, and is going to have a very hard time adjusting to his new life in these harsh conditions. 
But luckily for Rootfus, Covington’s Soil Builder is going to bail him out, and get him back on the right path to success!
Covington’s Premium Soil Builder is the perfect soil additive for planting trees and shrubs for our metroplex clay soils. Soil Builder is based off of research done at the Texas A&M extension office, and it contains blended compost, expanded shale, and a full pound of greensand in each bag. The compost adds much needed nutrients, the expanded shale breaks up the clay, and the greensand acidifies our very alkaline soils. 
Now Rootfus is a happy rootball once again, and is looking forward to life on the outside, now that he’s been set free! 
Thanks, Covington’s Soil Builder!  That was a close call!