Disappearing Fountains

Disappearing fountains are a fantastic way to combine the beauty of unique pottery with the soft sound and movement of water. What a gorgeous focal point for your garden or patio area!

With these disappearing fountains, water is carried over the edge and down the side of the pottery where it seems to disappear into the ground. The water is actually being pumped from a basin under the fountain, then it flows through the fountain and recirculates back through the basin. The basin can be buried or it can sit above ground or on your patio.  Covering the top of the basin with river rock or other stone gives it a naturally appearance.

Our disappearing fountains include the basin, tubing and pump so you can install it yourself, or you can arrange for us to deliver and install it for you. We’ve got lots of these beautiful pottery fountains in stock….come on over and choose yours while selection is best!

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