Difference between Black Diamond™ & Ebony Crape Myrtles

By now you’ve no doubt seen these dramatic black leafed crape myrtles which have become very popular over the past several years, but most people still have questions about what the difference is between them.

Well, here’s the story…the five original Ebony crape myrtles are exactly the same as the original five crape myrtles marketed under the Black Diamond™ name.  In fact, these crapes were released by the National Arboretum/US Dept. of Agriculture with the Ebony names as their officially registered cultivar names.

Today some growers market them under the Ebony name; another under the Black Diamond™ name.  Here are the original Ebony named crape myrtles and the corresponding Black Diamond™ names:

• Ebony & Ivory = Black Diamond™ Pure White
• Ebony Embers = Black Diamond™ Red Hot
• Ebony Fire = Black Diamond™ Crimson Red
• Ebony Flame = Black Diamond™ Best Red
• Ebony Glow = Black Diamond™ Blush

In addition, Ebony has now introduced Ebony Rose, a hot pink selection, and Black Diamond™ has introduced three more called Mystic Magenta, Purely Purple, and Shell Pink. We’ve either got them now, or are expecting some, so come get yours and enjoy their colorful show this summer.  You can check them out on our Inventory where we have an entire category just for Crape Myrtles!