Did You Know You Can Plant Bluebonnets Now?

When most people think of Bluebonnets, the first thing they think of is Spring, but actually Fall is the best time to plant them! As their bloom cycle winds down after Spring, and temps warm up, Bluebonnet seed pods dry in the heat. They then begin to pop open, throwing the seed into the surrounding area and making a crackling sound you can hear if you listen closely (think Rice Crispies). Some will germinate later that year, some the following year, and others, sometime in the future (bluebonnets like to hedge their bets). The ones that do form leaves will die back for the winter, and as temps warm up in early spring, they’ll start the cycle all over, giving us oceans of cobalt blue and gallery-worthy photo ops. You can put down seeds or starts in the fall, and have glorious Bluebonnets come spring time. We’re expecting 4″ starts this week!