Deborah’s Plant Pick of the Week – Majestic Beauty Indian Hawthorn Patio Tree

Her Majesty of Tree & Shrub, Deborah, has chosen the Majestic Beauty Indian Hawthorn Patio Tree as her Plant Pick of the Week. This particular Hawthorn is in tree-form, which means the bottom branches have been removed, making it resemble a small tree rather than a bushy shrub. It will mature at 8’ to 10’ tall and wide, making a stunning, petite ornamental tree for your landscape. In spring it will be blanketed in gorgeous pearly pink blossoms that will wow the whole neighborhood (and your local pollinators). Indian Hawthorn is used widely in warmer states because it’s evergreen and low-maintenance, and can tolerate a lot of heat and sun. Plant them around driveways or parking areas, or any place where reflective heat is an issue. These Patio Trees we just received are huge and leafy, and really are majestic! Let Deb show them to you in person, or check our online inventory here for prices, sizes, and quantities of all the varieties of Indian Hawthorn we carry.