Dan’s Plant Pick of the Week – Bigtooth Maple

Dan has a Bigtooth maple that he planted in his backyard when it was about 5 feet tall in the fall of 2013.  It is now about 18 feet tall and Dan will recommend it to anyone who wants a beautiful large shade tree.

There are so many things that Dan loves about Bigtooth Maples:
• Their leaves are thicker than most maples so their tips don’t burn & they hold their dark green color well in the summer
• They have a huge range of fall color from honey gold, to bright yellow and orange with hints of red
• They’re very adaptable in any soil including our clay soil.

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The Bigtooth Maple is the only Texas native maple tree.  This rare relic of the last ice age is found in the Lost Maples State Natural Area, where the seedlings are collected and cultivated. They will grow to about 50 feet tall and 30-40 feet wide and are relatively drought tolerant.

We only have two 30 gallon Bigtooth Maples in stock and they are sale priced at $200….get yours now so you can enjoy this spectacular tree for years to come!