Chase’s Plant of the Week – Bigtooth Maples

Chase’s Plant Pick for this week is Bigtooth Maples, also called “Lost Maples” because there are but a few small native populations of them left. Bigtooth is the only Texas native maple tree and a rare relic of the last ice age.   They’ve been around a long time, but one of the few places to see them en masse is in central Texas in the Lost Maples State Natural Area.

Joe Covington, as well as many other members of our team, have planted Bigtooth maples in their landscapes. Pictured is Dan’s tree which he purchased about six years ago in a 5 gallon pot when it was a mere 5 feet tall. Now it’s approximately 20 feet tall and gorgeous….and it will grow to around 50 feet tall eventually.

These trees will thrive in most any soil type including alkaline, are drought tolerant once established, have few pest/disease issues, and best of all, they put on stunning yellow to red fall foliage color.

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Beauty and adaptability make Bigtooth Maples one of Texas’ most desirable trees if you can find them! And now you can. We have a limited number in 30 gallon pots and they are on sale for 20% off….only $320 (reg $400).  Get yours now so you can enjoy this spectacular tree for years to come!