Aurora’s Plant Pick of the Week – Camellias

Aurora, Queen of our Wholesale Office, has chosen Camellias, Queen of Winter Flowers as her Plant Pick of the Week. These evergreen shrubs are prized for their abundance of blooms in shades of white, pink, and red, during Fall and Winter, when most everything else is dormant. Bloom time and duration will vary across species and cultivars, and the appearance ranges from a few delicate petals (like a wild rose) to numerous, densely packed petals, resembling peonies. Camellias are synonymous with Southern landscapes, but originally hail from Eastern and Southern Asia, boasting more than 3000 named varieties.  In this part of the world, they do best in morning sun and afternoon shade (or dappled sunlight), with well-drained soil. Size will vary, between 4′ tall and wide to 10′ tall and wide. See these beauties in person or check our online inventory here for prices, sizes, and quantities.

Yuletide                                                        Kanjiro                                        Rose of Autumn