Beth’s Plant Pick of the Week – Glorious Japanese Maples

We LOVE Japanese Maples here at the nursery, and we’ve just gotten in the most beautiful shipment of Beth’s Plant Pick of the Week. There are hundreds of them, and she is giddy with joy! Maturity heights range from 6′ tall (like Red Dragon) all the way up to 20′ tall (like Emperor and Bloodgood).  Colors range from lime green to deep purple, and there are upright (like Coral Bark), weeping (like Orangeola & Crimson Queen), and shrubby (Shaina & Shishigashira). Leaf shapes vary from thin and lace-like to broad, palm-shaped. And guess what??  We’re extremely pleased to introduce two Japanese Maples that are new to the nursery: Skeeter’s Broom (8′ to 10′ tall, narrow and upright) and Twombly’s Sentinel (10′ to 15′ tall, narrow and upright). Both show off rich shades of reds and burgundies, put on a spectacular fall show, and like all Japanese Maples, they prefer morning sun/afternoon shade, lots of water, and well-draining soil. These highly prized icons of Asian art and culture are show-stoppers no matter what size, shape, or color! Click through the slide show below to see our new arrivals (Cody is in there for scale; he’s 6’3″).

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