Ask Burton: This week, we’re emphasizing an important thing for everyone to remember.


We’ve had a lot of rain earlier this year, but it’s not been enough lately for newly planted trees and shrubs, and even plants on their second year would appreciate a little extra watering right now. Don’t rely entirely on your sprinklers, as they’ll rarely be enough to water a new planting.

Water everything more often until mid-September. Temperatures will start to level off some around that time, and you can return to a more normal irrigation schedule.

If your first or second year plantings are starting to drop leaves from the interior, it’s likely just needing more water. Make sure your plants are well-mulched in order to conserve soil moisture, and give them a bit more love. And if your plants are just dropping just a few leaves, don’t sweat it too much. They’ll be fine, come Autumn.

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