Ask Burton: This week, we’re addressing a plant problem made worse by the rainy month we’ve just gone through. Q: I have problems with the leaves of several of my shrubs. My Gerber daisies are odd-colored, with green veins standing out from the yellowing leaves. The holes are caused by snails, which I’ve treated for, but that’s not all that’s going wrong. Did all the rain damage the roots of my plants?

A: It may have damaged a few roots. But the main problem is that the excess water flowing over the top of the flowerbed has stripped acids out of the soil, and the resulting high soil pH of the area makes it difficult for your plant to pull in iron and other micronutrients properly. Add iron and acid to the area. Our ferti-lome Soil Acidifier will correct the discoloration quickly, and sulfur applications to the soil will keep things at the proper pH for good growth.

Make sure your gutters over the area are cleaned out and in good condition, and downspouts are discharging water out to the lawn rather than in your flowerbeds. They’ll perk up.