Ask Burton: This week, a question about a tasty area of the garden! Q: I want to plant an Italian herb garden. I love to cook, and fresh herbs are the best! But what can I plant here in North Texas, and when?

A: All the common Italian culinary herbs grow well here. It’s just a matter of knowing which should be planted when.

  • Rosemary, chives, and thyme: You’re in luck right now! These three are tough evergreens, and available almost all the time.
  • Oregano, sage, and marjoram: These are evergreen for most of our winters. They’d plant just fine right now, and new crops are just now getting ready. Probably best to cover these for a hard freeze until they’re established. They won’t die, but they’ll be unhappy.
  • Parsley: This needs to be planted during the cool season! Our summer heat can be brutal to parsley. Plant in late winter, spring, or early fall.
  • Basil: Basil is annual and will need to be replanted. One breath of frost will kill it. This is a warm season crop.