Ask Burton: Q: I want to get my flowers and patio tomatoes off to a good start this year. What do you recommend as far as potting soil and fertilizer when I plant?

We recommend two Covington’s brand products that we have had formulated especially for North Texas gardeners:

• Covington’s Premium Flower & Garden Fertilizer – Our easy to use Premium Flower & Garden Fertilizer has extra sulfur and iron for our North Texas soils and a controlled release formula that feeds your plants for up to 3-4 months. Use this professional grade fertilizer on all of your flowers, veggies, and herbs for the greatest results.

• Covington’s Potting Soil – For best success, use our Covington’s Potting Soil which includes peat moss, screened compost, screened pine mulch, rice hulls, a wetting agent, organic fertilizer (derived from bone and blood meal), and Vitazyme, an organic bio stimulant. With our potting soil, you will be able to grow the largest flowers and the biggest tomatoes in town!

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